Why cinePANORAMA ?

Panorama is a Greek name known in all languages.
Cine will stand as Cinema , known in all languages.
The letter P in Greek is perfectly appropriate to the design of the space, it becomes its logo, and definition of simplicity, culture and architectural symmetry.
Landscaping will be a major element in the design. Olives trees and cyprus rocks are the essence of Greece .
The architecture consists of mostly stone walls on the outside with a very strong Mycene influence of gigantism and monumentalism in a reasonable scale, but mostly present.
Water will be one of the 3 elements strongly represented into a long narrow lap pool, illuminated at night with fiber optic color effects .
No light will be direct. All light will be coming through surfaces such as onyx marble, tents etc.
A temple of light, music and culture.
This definition is mostly the result of a necessity.
Greek culture is theater and music, joy and drama , past and present.
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