T H A L A S S A restaurant NEW YORK

Thalassa Restaurant makes its home in an historic building located at 179 Franklin Street, New York City (212) 941-7661; in the heart of Tribeca. For decades fine Greek olives and cheeses were warehoused in this now ultra-chic location.
Architect Designer Jean Pierre HEIM recreates the memories of his luxurious travels through the Greek islands in Thalassa’s décor.
Your journey through Thalassa begins with a long, curving mosaic bar constructed from marble from the island of Thasos. From the moment you enter the bar and lounge area you realize that the word “Thalassa” in Greek means the sea. Blue lighting and elegant sails suggest that you are sailing the Greek Islands. Flowing curtains over original exposed brick remind you of the sandy shores of warm beaches. Urns from Tripoli once used to store olives and olive oil ages ago now overflow with fresh flowers as they sit atop hand-made Iroko wooden tables from Mykonos.
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